How does it work ?

1. We get into contact
+33 9 80 09 16 96

2. We understand your profile and your aspirations Our consultants take the time to get to know you and identify your professional concerns and family circumstances.

3. We propose you missions/assignments that suit you We stay regularly in contact with you and our team ensures to offer you the right mission at the right time.

4. We send your CV out If you are already a partner, we will send out your CV.
If you are not yet a partner, we will first conduct a reference check in order to represent you better at our clients.

5. You pass an interview with the client If the client retains your profile, you will pass an interview with him.

6. You start with the work mission/assignment Every month you send us your invoice and we take care of the payment.

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Jessica Dublet
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Jaime Garcia
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Félix Lemaignent
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