Club Freelance
is a company specialized in the partnership and placement of freelance consultants.

Our goal is to find the best expertise that fits exactly your needs.

We are born out of the association of an Expert in the placement of freelance consultants and a former IT Director. We have 14 employees in Paris and London.

Our outline is straightforward and aims at matching the needs of our clients with our perfect knowledge of the IT consultancy market - no matter the field of specialisation.

Our approach is built on a swift responsiveness to meet the demands of our clients and on a long term and trustful relationship with our eco-system.

Our Vision

Humain value When we decided to create Club freelance in November 2014, we have done it with the ambition to remodel the placement market of freelance IT consultants. Our business evolves around the human aspect, whether we are dealing with a client, a supplier or a colleague. This requires of the entire team a constant effort and will to work "well" together.

Our approach

Pledge of quality

Our commitment Our employees have been all trained to understand your jobs/business and the solutions on which you are working on a daily basis. At Club freelance, we wish you to experience a perfect service and a consideration of your problems on a daily and continuous basis.

Manuela Garampon and Thomas Delfort - Co-founders of Club Freelance Ltd.

of capital
in 2015

Our values

We created our company based on strong values ​​regarding the quality of our consultants and with the vision of a flawless relationship with our partners.

Flexibility and swiftness : our structure is agile; it allows us to guarantee to our partners the best value for money on the market.

Quality of the selection : our founders guarantee a first-rate composition of our sourcing teams by focusing on quality. This stringent concern to meet the established requirements allows us to select the most competent experts available on the market. Before submitting a profile to our clients, we systematically request references regarding previous missions.

Industrialisation of the process : from the very start of the adventure, we have invested in many key tools on the market, allowing us to guarantee to our clients a swift sourcing, from the initial search of candidates to the signing of the contracts.

A relationship based on trust : we are building long-term relationships with our clients and consultants. A relationship based on proximity, listening, transparency and loyalty.

An «open book» partnership : this relationship based on trust translates itself into tight and mastered margins, which can be openly disclosed if necessary. The aim is to propose a competitive offer to our clients and to remunerate our consultants better than our competitors.

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